Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baseball as a Second Language

I've written a little book to help people unfamiliar with baseball understand the way baseball language gets used in American English. I got the idea from explaining the game to international students at Harvard. The book (78 pages, including about a dozen photographs) is called Baseball as a Second Language and it's available for $9.99 from by clicking here. (Eventually, Amazon will list it and other booksellers will also have it in their database, but apparently that takes 6-8 weeks.) Hope you enjoy it!

My professional justification for this basically recreational project was to experiment in dis-intermediated publishing. The book is published under a BY-SA Creative Commons license, so anyone is free to re-use the material it contains as long as they give proper attribution and publish their own work under the same terms. This was key to getting good images-- I was able to draw on a huge store of BY-SA photography on Flickr. Thanks to the fine photographers who made their work available!


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  2. The book is published under a BY-SA Creative Commons license, Carolina

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