Thursday, October 18, 2012

Off to Korea and Hong Kong

I'm headed to Asia for some intense lecturing. Here is the quick rundown on the schedule.

25 October, 9:30am, Korean Educational Development Institute, Seoul: "Higher Education in the Age of the Internet"
26 October, 10:00am, Keimyung University, Daegu: "The Moral Role of Higher Education"
29 October, 12:15pm, Asia Society, Hong Kong: "Globalization of Education, US and Asia" (panel discussion)
29 October, 3:00pm, Hong Kong Science Park: "Innovation and Venture Acceleration in the Digital Era"
30 October, 12:30pm, Hong Kong University: "Flipping the Classroom"
30 October, 5:30pm, Hong Kong University: "Excellence With a Soul: What you should get from your university education"

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  1. Thanks for visiting us at the University of Macau. Your presentation generated a lot of interest, and I enjoyed your anecdotes about your famous students. Chris