Friday, February 8, 2013

The Allston Mini-Golf Course

In the previous post I wondered what the miniature golf course was, adjacent to the projected SEAS site. Turns out Harvard opened it in 2010 as a community benefit, along with a batting cage.
“Given the success of the ice rink, we wanted to host another community-friendly attraction, as we continue our search for a long-term tenant for this property,” said Katie Lapp, Harvard’s executive vice president. “The Field and Fairway is yet another example of how Harvard is constantly looking for ways to benefit its communities.”
 Looks like it is closed down now, awaiting the arrival of the SEAS faculty and students, perhaps! I know they would use it ...


  1. That looks like it would be pretty fun for the younger kids. I have a son who wants to learns how to golf by using the internet. Do you have any good golf websites that he could visit and get quality information? Thanks!

  2. Any idea if the cages are still open? I would absolutely make the trek to Allston to get some swings in, especially since non-players can't use the baseball teams facilities. Besides, what better way to mitigate institutional student frustration over a shifting campus then by baiting us with attractions there.

    1. Sorry, Keith, it's closed. But I absolutely think the smartest thing Harvard could do to make this project a success would be to build a campus center (for faculty as well as students) in the same neighborhood, with study and breakout space, late night food, and recreational athletics/fitness equipment. There would be two ready-made clienteles, intercollegiate athletes and coaches, and engineering students and faculty, plus i-Lab folks. But with that critical mass, all of a sudden Allston would not seem so far away to the rest of the Harvard community!

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