Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sharon Howell's Magnificent Letter

A profile in courage is emerging out of the Harvard email mess -- Sharon Howell, Resident Dean in Adams House, who on behalf of her fellow Resident Deans, raised the level of the conversation in a letter she sent President Faust on Monday. The letter has a dignity of tone and an aspirational quality one rarely hears here these days. I reproduce it below with her permission.


  1. Bravo to Dr. Howell!

    (and bravo to Dr. Lewis for consistently doing better reporting on this affair than the entire Crimson)

  2. Thank you for posting Dean Howell's letter, Prof. Lewis. A timely letter to say the least. I look forward to reading President Faust's response.


  3. I am impressed with Harry Lewis' thorough chronicling of Harvard's Resident Dean Email-Gate debacle. He goes toe-to-toe with that which diminishes the humane and intelligent promise of the University--in this case privacy protection. And doesn't it all fit neatly within his overarching premise of "....Excellence without a Soul?"

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