Friday, April 19, 2013

An Unreal Day

The convergence of Patriot's day and my birthday, along with the marathon of course, always made this a special day for me. (I think the marathon used to be on April 19 and the holiday was moved to Monday only a few decades ago.) It is unreal to sit at home as instructed by the police, miles from the center of the action, watching TV like everyone else in the country is probably doing. The news, just announced, that the suspect seems not to be in the house that law enforcement had surrounded, is deflating. Harvard is closed, as is every other university in greater Boston and some that are further out. The schools are closed. Best announcement that came into my inbox, if I may be allowed a bit of birthday humor, came from the Mahindra Humanities Center an hour or so ago.

Harvard University is closed due to the ongoing public safety situation in the area.  This afternoon's first session of the "Confronting Evil" conference is postponed until tomorrow morning, starting at 9:00 am, in Emerson Hall 210. We hope that you will be join us then.
Sounds like a plan. Stay safe, everyone!

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