Thursday, April 24, 2014

Book Club online chat

Sorry for the late notice, but at 10:20am today (April 24) Ellen Condliffe Lagemann and I will be chatting about our book "What is College For?" on the site of the Chronicle of Higher Ed Book Club.

Added later: I understand that the video will be posted later on that site.

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  1. I enjoyed watching the discussion and will definitely take a look at the book! It just so happened that I came from a meeting with friends, all of us around the table retired or about retiring from higher ed administration. And, of the four, three had returned to the faculty to teach, if not America's future leaders, the informed, the critically thinking and engaged citizen. But wait, how are we to do it with less and less resources with more and more demands that defy sound pedagogy as the university is becoming more and more corporate? Where is leader, the one "who is thinking outside the box," I see mostly middle of the road faculty turned administrators (it's easier than teaching and there's power) and ambitious ones figuring administration brings higher returns? So, with lots of emperors without clothes up there, I guess some of us simply keep on going and trying to give it our best, while, at the same time, fighting over and over against what is contrary to the essential purpose of higher ed and, subsequently, undermining its future.